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Reckless drivers often cause crashes

On Behalf of | Jul 29, 2022 | Car Accidents

Safety should be a top priority of anyone driving on Hawai‘i roads, but the sheer number of accidents every year shows many motorists, whether residents or tourists, cast caution aside. While people can make the occasional mistake and hit another vehicle, some drivers operate their cars recklessly. When someone’s blatantly reckless actions cause a crash, the resulting award from a civil court lawsuit could be significant.

Reckless drivers and the dangers they present

Reckless driving involves operating a motor vehicle while disregarding others’ safety. Someone who makes a turn to drive the wrong way up a one-way street due to impatience over stalled traffic risks causing a head-on collision or hitting an unsuspecting pedestrian. That’s one example of reckless behavior, and there are numerous others.

Speeding might not be a more common moving violation, but it remains perilous. Anyone driving too fast for road conditions risks losing control of the car. Even in decent weather, speeding undermines a driver’s ability to stop in time when an emergency arises. Crashes could happen in such instances.

Intoxicated driving is another example of reckless and dangerous behavior. Many fatal accidents occur because someone was too impaired to drive but took to the road anyway. A severe substance abuse problem might motivate such behavior, but that won’t likely serve as an excuse in criminal or civil court.

Legal actions against reckless drivers

When someone’s reckless behavior causes a crash, the driver might face a personal injury lawsuit. Actions such as tailgating, aggressive passing, cutting other drivers off, and making illegal turns increase the potential for motor vehicle accidents.

Car accidents may cause others to suffer injuries, including fatal ones. Expect reckless drivers responsible for collisions to face civil lawsuits filed by their victims.