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The dangers involved in dog attacks

On Behalf of | Aug 1, 2023 | Dog/Animal Bites and Attacks

Responsible dog owners seem to be dwindling when looking at the uptick in dog bite incidents. Currently, 4.5 million US residents are victims of these dangerous assaults. Additional statistics tell even more troubling stories that far too often end in catastrophic outcomes.

Canine attacks that result in bites remain a significant problem. While the assumption is to blame the dog owner, more factors are in play. A handful of breeds are at the top of the list when it comes to horrific bodily damage.

Are laws effective?

While legislation focused on breed-specific laws has increased nationwide, the effectiveness of the regulations is in question and may not be the solution that victims and their loved ones are hoping for.

Data bears out troubling findings:

  • Fifty percent of victims are children
  • The chance of death from a dog bite is 1 in 112,400
  • Seventy percent of dog bites involve unneutered dogs
  • Pitbulls accounted for a total of 33 dog attack fatalities (2019)
  • Rottweilers account for 77 percent of all dog bites

Startling statistics

Additionally, victims of dog bites are less likely to make a report, including those that result in more serious physical damage due to the canines’ PSI (pounds per square inch):

  • Pitbulls (accounting for nearly two-thirds of bites) – 241
  • Rottweilers – 328
  • German Shepherds – 238
  • Doberman Pinschers – 228
  • Bull Mastiff – 556
  • Siberian Huskies – 320
  • Malamutes – 328
  • Wolf Hybrids – 406
  • Boxers – 230
  • Great Danes – 238

Since more than 90 million households have dogs, attacks in and outside the home are likely to continue. For now, the best solution for canine owners who act irresponsibly is a personal injury lawsuit.