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Justice For Victims of Childhood Sexual Abuse In Hawai‘i Schools

For decades, thousands of children in Hawai‘i’s public and private schools were subject to sexual abuse. The perpetrators were teachers, coaches, administrators and other adults entrusted with nurturing and guiding their students. The effects of that betrayal of trust are still being felt by adults across the state today.

Even though decades might have passed since you were abused, you could still be carrying trauma that affects your life and relationships. Perhaps you recently recovered memories of being abused at school that your subconscious had kept buried for decades. If so, you may have a claim for financial compensation that can help bring to justice the institution that let you suffer.

Representing Victims Of Predatory Schools

The attorneys and staff of are dedicated to helping residents of Hawai‘i who were sexually abused as children. We work with a team of leading legal and investigative specialists to pursue claims. We seek compensation from both living perpetrators and the schools that protected them. These institutions can often be held liable for hiring dangerous teachers and staff and failing to investigate or take action when sexual abuse accusations arose.

Questions and answers about sexual abuse cases in Hawai‘i

Financial compensation cannot change what happened to you. But, it can help make up for the resulting pain and mental anguish you have been living with. And, forcing your old school to pay for its failure to take your safety and well-being seriously when you were a student there can give you a sense that justice has been served.

Discuss What Happened With A Compassionate Attorney

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