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Hawaii Attorneys Confronting Sexual Abuse In Religious Institutions

Churches and other houses of worship are supposed to be physical and spiritual refuges from the world. But for far too many residents of Hawaii, the religious institutions they grew up in tragically let them down. They were the victims of a priest, minister or other official who molested and sexually abused them.

The trauma of being victimized by a sexual predator can affect every part of your life. Meanwhile, the institution that should have protected you likely failed to truly punish your abuser, who might still be alive and have access to children.

The Effects Of Abuse Can Last A Lifetime

Even if your abuse happened decades ago, you still might have the power to seek compensation and hold the institution responsible for your trauma. At , we represent residents of Hawaii who were sexually abused as children by religious leaders. We are committed to seeking justice for those whose safety and well-being were disregarded by their religious institutions, which instead protected pedophiles and sexual abusers. We also assist clients who were abused by clergy in adulthood.

We work with investigators across several states to prove what happened to you and expose predators within the religious community. Depending on the particular facts of your case, you may be eligible to sue the individual who harmed you as well as the church or other institution that failed to keep you safe.

Such conduct needs to be brought to light. In recent years, thousands of victims throughout Hawaii and across the U.S. have courageously come forward with their experiences. If you are ready to tell your story and seek justice, we can help.

Justice Is Possible

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