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Tourist And Military Injury Lawyers In Hawai‘i

As Hawai‘i personal injury lawyers, our Honolulu office frequently helps tourists from out of state who are injured while on vacation in Hawai‘i, as well as military service members stationed in Hawai‘i who fall victim to the negligence or misconduct of another. These types of tourist and military claims have particular issues that are best addressed by knowledgeable and experienced trial attorneys.

Tourist Claim Attorneys

Hawai‘i is a vacationer’s paradise, and the opportunities for recreational activities are endless. Many tourist activities present a level of risk of injury, although tourist accidents should be preventable if carried out safely by the participant and the provider. Tour providers often try to limit their liability by requiring participants to sign waivers, releases, or consent forms acknowledging the risk and releasing the provider from any liability.

A lawsuit based on an accident that occurs in Hawai‘i needs to be filed and litigated in Hawai‘i, even if the plaintiff is from another state. Since the accident occurred in Hawai‘i, you will not have any jurisdictional problems filing the suit here, regardless of whether the defendant is a Hawai‘i resident or business or an out-of-state resident. Also, all of the important evidence regarding the accident, including the site, witnesses, and the investigating police officer, are all located here. Hire a local attorney to litigate this local matter.

Hawai‘i Military Claim Lawyers

With nearly a dozen military bases in Hawai‘i, the U.S. military has a strong presence in the state. Service members get injured just like everyone else, and like everyone else should be entitled to compensation when the injury is the result of another’s negligence or wrongful conduct.

Claims against the U.S. government are generally handled under the Federal Tort Claims Act, with special rules and deadlines for filing claims that are far different from private lawsuits. In addition, under the Supreme Court’s Feres case, the general rule is that the government is not liable under FTCA where the injuries “arise out of or are in the course of activity incident to service.”

What if a service member is injured in a car accident while on leave, and the accident occurred on base or involved a military vehicle? Injuries involving military personnel and their families should be referred to experienced personal injury lawyers who understand the law and procedure surrounding military claims.

Experienced Honolulu Injury Attorneys

Military claims in Hawai‘i and personal injury claims involving tourists from out of state should be addressed by experienced attorneys who have litigated these matters time and again in Hawai‘i’s state and federal courts.

Our lawyers at Rosenberg McKay Hoffman have over 100 combined years of experience in the practice of law and know how best to prepare and present these types of claims. If you or a loved one has been injured in Hawai‘i, please contact us online or call 808-470-4819 for your free, confidential initial consultation. Our offices are located in downtown Honolulu.