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Motorcycle Accident Attorneys In Hawai‘i

Every day, motorcycle accidents happen in Hawai‘i. Most are due to the fact that other motorists are not paying attention to motorcycles. When they happen, you will need a Hawai‘i-based attorney familiar with motorcycle accident cases. Our team of Honolulu lawyers are prepared to fight for your rights. The motorcyclist and their passengers are at risk for serious injury or wrongful death from an impact caused by a larger, heavier vehicle.

Our attorneys at Rosenberg McKay Hoffman understand the issues that Hawai‘i motorcycle accident victims experience from the time of the initial injury through the completion of medical care. The friendly staff in our Honolulu office will work with health care insurers, motorcycle insurers, personal automobile insurers, health care providers and all necessary experts to increase your financial recovery.

Hawai‘i Law Firm Focusing On Motorcycle Accidents

When you have been involved in a Hawai‘i motorcycle accident be sure to contact us at Rosenberg McKay Hoffman to set up a consultation in our Honolulu office. Our staff of lawyers will help you in this time of great stress and hardship. You need someone knowledgeable about the law and dealing with the various issues related to motorcycle accidents in Hawai‘i. Call 808-470-4819 or send us a message online today.